Martha’s Kitchen
On Friday, August 15th, our church is on call to serve the dinner at Martha’s Kitchen, which is held at First United Methodist Church, BG.  We are in need of volunteers for various jobs that need to be done.  The Mission Committee is looking for those who are interested in helping to prepare, serve, and/or clean up for the dinner.  Please call Eniko Szentkiralyi at 419/352-1726 to volunteer to help with Martha’s Kitchen. Thank you for helping those who need our help the most.
Mission Dinner Fundraiser

On Sunday, August 24, 2014 following the worship service the Mission Committee will host a Mission Dinner fundraiser, the net of which will go to mission projects that our church will support, especially with missions in which we can increase participation by our church members. The Mission Committee believes that the spiritual enrichment is a two-way street. Please join us on Sunday, August 24th!
On September 14, 2014, the Mission Committee plans on holding our Neighborhood Lunch in conjunction with Rally Sunday after church of that same day. This is the Sunday after the Black Swamp Festival, and it will kick-off the church’s year of activities. 


Weekend Meals and Snacks Needed for Students
Hunger isn’t always in plain sight.  The suffering of a hungry child is too often hidden and silent, seemingly removed from “the rest of us.”  The Mission Committee and the Deacons have become aware of young people right in our midst who are struggling to get enough to eat. They are in our church building Monday through Friday during the school year, studying at the Wood County Alternative School.
With the invaluable help of Adriane Weisert, Lisa Lawson-LaPointe, and Cathy Organ, we are putting together a weekend “backpack” project that will provide the students with easy-to-prepare weekend meals and snacks.  We hope to meet not only their nutritional needs but to promote their physical and cognitive development and their overall sense of well-being.
Our plan is to provide each of the 9 to 15 students with a bag of nutritious foods for the weekend. We hope to work out an arrangement with the Toledo Food Bank to have canned goods and packaged products (available at very low cost) delivered to the church.
To raise money to get this project up and going by the start of school, the Mission Committee is hosting a lunch after worship on Sunday, August 24th.  It is not a potluck!  The main course will be grilled chicken and pork-a-leans.  A free-will offering will be collected.
Please join us for good food, fellowship, and to learn more about this important project. 
Wood County Alternative School

We have welcomed the “Alternative High School” into two rooms beyond our pastors offices. As the purposes match our mission goals, we charge only a token fee. The students are marvelous assistants in helping manage clothes from our Deacons’ Shop. Here is description of their program:
The Wood County Alternative School provides a safe learning environment for at-risk youth from 10 public school districts and a vocational school in Wood County, Ohio.  Through educational and behavioral interventions, the program provides each student with the opportunity to improve or restore an educational career that has been impaired by expulsion, incarceration, poor grades, or a number of other adverse conditions.  The target population of the Alternative School is at-risk students in Wood County grades 6-12.  These students have exhausted nearly all traditional school options available to them through their home schools. 

Services and instruction are provided in the core academic areas, career development, school-to-work transitions, behavior interventions, group drug and alcohol education sessions, and group “teen topic” sessions.  Core academic classes are taught each day with additional opportunities for support with individualized credit recovery courses.  A community service component is also included in the program that is intended to foster in students a sense of civic and personal pride as well as provide them an opportunity to learn various hands-on skills that may prove beneficial in other settings. 
The program occupies room 113 and room 114 - one being the classroom, the other as a group / multi-purpose room.  The program is staffed by Rebecca Pisula- full-time teacher, Jennifer Irvin-full-time Outreach Coordinator, and Laura Gahn- part-time Intervention Specialist.  Operating on a typical public school schedule, the program runs 185 days a year, which consist of a five day week with seven hour days.  Average placements for the Long Term Program are one semester with a minimum placement requirement of 45 days.  The program provides an alternative learning environment where academic credits can continue to be earned and appropriate social / behavioral interventions can be addressed.  This mission is met with a philosophy that all students are worthy of dignity and respect.  By providing an environment for effective, positive, change for students through communication, cooperation, and parental involvement, the program believes all students are capable of learning and achieving success.
Strategies used to facilitate student success include: *Increasing student, parent, and school personnel communication and participation* Increasing the academic skills of students in the core academic areas * Assisting students in developing positive values, internal control, and coping skills * Improving individual and group decision making skills through integrated counseling and classroom interventions * Improving students’ abilities to adjust to changes in the environment while developing a positive self concept * Increasing positive work habits, study skills, and life skills * Providing assistance with correspondence course work * Issuing bi-weekly report cards * Providing small group and individual instruction that addresses the specific academic and social/behavioral needs of each student. 
The community service component of the program is not only designed to foster in students a sense of community and civic pride, but also a necessary element in increasing a students’ sense of self-worth.  By learning various hands-on skills and completing projects that utilize these skills, students are given an opportunity to gain a sense of accomplishment.  In turn, students may draw on these experiences and reach success in other areas of life.  The community service component of the program consists of the following opportunities: * Litter patrol * Assistance in Special Olympic games * Planting bulbs / flowers * Maintaining flowerbeds * Recycling * volunteering at food pantries * Sorting, and displaying clothing and household items for the Deacon Shop.  The Alternative School is readily available to contribute to a variety of organizations and projects that serve community interest.  Previous community service partners have included: * Bowling Green Schools * Bowling Green City Parks * Wood County Nursing Home * Wood Count Board of Developmental Disabilities * Wood County Council on Aging * Bowling Green Food Pantries * Wood County Educational Service Center Special Needs Programs * Habitat for Humanity *